Insurance Advice

You are legally entitled to choose any bodyshop to repair your vehicle during an insurance claim repair.


All you need to do is nominate us when you call the claims line of your insurance company.


It is your choice where you have your car repaired, not your insurer’s. This is your legal right and you cannot be refused under any circumstances.




It has also come to our attention that certain insurance companies are penalising there customers when they do not use their own aproved repairers, to the sum of £100!

What we do for these customers is we will pay the £100 as its not fair on you, the customer.

Take note..... the word aproved repairer is in fact a....... DISCOUNT REPAIRER!

Do you want your car repaired CHEAP AND IMPERFECTLY? I would think not!


What we do

•We will carry out an estimate of the damage sustained.

•If the vehicle is not drivable, we will arrange for you to receive a replacement vehicle or if its still driveable when your car is being repaired a courtesy car will be suplied to you at no cost even for an own fault accident ,you will have to drive under your own insurance but your insurance company usually doesn't charge for this as its a case of one car off /one car on.

•If the damaged vehicle is not drivable we can also arrange for it’s recovery.

•We will send the repair estimate to your Insurance Company and then telephone them to make sure they are in receipt of it and arrange an inspection date at our premises as soon as possible or some companies are using digital imaging now so its only a matter of emailing photos to the engineer and agreeing figures over the telephone.

• We will commence the repair work without further delay and keep you informed at all times.